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Policies for Incorporating Gender Concerns in Microenterprise Development in Kenya

The goal of this study was to make policy recommendations that would enhance women
Undertaken by: Association of African Women in Research and Development (AAWORD)
Countries: Kenya
Project Director: Dr Kaendi Munguti
Year completed: 1999

Policies to Enhance the Environment for Growth and Development of MSEs in Urban Areas

The goal of this study was to produce policy recommendations that would promote economic growth and development of MSEs within local authorities. The immediate objective was to enhance the policy environment for growth and development of MSEs within local authorities. The specific objectives were: (1) To analyse policy weaknesses, policy constraints and gaps in policy with respect to LA policies for promoting MSEs development; (2) To assist LAs to formulate policies that would foster growth and development of MSEs; (3) To include the policy changes required to enhance the environment for MSE activities in the scope of ongoing reforms in LAs; (4) To propose policy recommendations that would foster growth and development of MSEs in urban areas.
Undertaken by: Central Planning Unit, Ministry of Local Authorities
Countries: Kenya
Project Director: Mr Mwangi Macharia
Year completed: 1999

Technology Policy for Micro and Small Enterprises in Kenya

The immediate objective of the grant was to improve the technology policy environment for MSEs in Kenya.
Undertaken by: Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI)
Countries: Kenya
Project Director: Dr. Ing. Harry L. Kaane
Year completed: 1999

Policy Analysis with a Multisectoral Model in Botswana

The broad objective of the project was to develop an improved version of multisectoral model for policy analysis in Botswana and Namibia. The project generated the following outputs: (a) an improved version of the current model used by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MEMBOT) for policy analysis; (b) various versions of Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models capable of providing information on a number of policy issues; and (c) local capability to develop and use CGE models for policy analysis.
Undertaken by: Department of Economics, University of Botswana
Countries: Botswana
Project Director: Professor Mohamed Mukras
Year completed: 1999

Multi-Country Collaborative Study on Macroeconomic Policies and Exchange Rate Management in African Economies

This multi-country multi-institute research project drew lessons of experience in Africa with exchange rate management and was aimed at producing rigorous and policy-oriented research for the international audience as well as the African policy-makers who are daily involved in matters of economic management. The project gave a historical account of exchange rate regimes and exchange rate management experiences of the different African countries and the economic environments within which they operate. In addition to the rigorous policy-oriented research, the project produced policy papers (summaries of the main research findings) which were presented in a Senior Policy Seminar. The main research papers as well as the derived policy papers have formed the basis of a joint ACEG/AERC publication.
Undertaken by: African Economic Research Consortium (AERC)
Countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Cote d
Project Director: Professor Benno Ndulu
Year completed: 1999

Improving Access to Energy for Micro and Small Enterprise Development in Kenya

The goal of this grant was to analyse the adequacy of existing and on-going energy sector policies on MSE activities with a view to making specific proposals for consideration by the government focussing on policy recommendations, weaknesses and other policy constraints with respect to microenterprise development.
Undertaken by: Regional Centre for Socio-Economic Studies and Development (RECSSAD)
Countries: Kenya
Project Director: Dr Peter O Ondiege
Year completed: 1999

Improving Access to Infrastructure for Micro-Enterprise Development in Kenya

The main objective of the study was to enhance the policy setting within which microenterprises gain access to infrastructure facilities and services. The longer-term goal was to promote the MSE sector in order to generate more employment, incomes and productivity in the sector and in the nation as a whole.
Undertaken by: Kenya Rural Enterprise Programme (K-Rep)
Countries: Kenya
Project Director: Mr Aleke Dondo
Year completed: 1999

Dissemination Workshop on Corruption and Poverty in Kenya (November 03 1999)

The primary objective of the Workshop was to present the findings of a research project analyzing the links between corruption and poverty in Kenya as well as the socio-economic consequences of corruption. The forum provided an opportunity for various stakeholders from the public and private sectors to debate on the adequacy of the research findings and recommendations.
Undertaken by:
Countries: Kenya
Project Director: Dr Andrew Mullei
Year completed: 1999

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