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       The African Center for Economic Growth
  • Financial Inclusion

    The role of external resources in economic development, evidence and experience of aid and development effectiveness.

  • Trade

    Opportunities for trade creation, administrative and quantitative obstacles to intra-regional trade.

  • Private Enterpise Development

    Providing research for MSMEs to contribute to innovation, entrepreneurship and diffusion of technology.

  • Regional Integration

    Sequencing of measures towards full integration, identification of policy impediments to regional integration.

  • Information Management

    Recommendations of information dissemination strategy to raise awareness and stimulate exchange of views on public policy choices.

Public Policy Analysis

ACEG - private, independent, not-for-profit organization founded to serve as a ‘resource centre’ for public policy development.

Increasing knowledge of the policies that work to expand economic opportunities and foster development in Africa
EAC-COMESA-SADC Tripartite Free Trade Area (FTA) Roadmap   Impact of Senator Keg Lager on Kenyan Society and on Consumption of Illicit Beverages  
The overall objective of this study is to guide the harmonisation process for the formation of the Free Trade Area (FTA) for the three regional trade blocs—East African Community (EAC), South Africa Development Corporation (SADC), and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). Read more..   The objectives of the Senator Keg Project have been achieved and comprehensively measure and document the effects of Senator Keg on the Kenyan society; (ii) to inform EABL�s future business strategy; and (iii) to inform the Government�s fiscal policy on alcohol. Read more..  
EAC Study on the Rules of Origin  

The Second APRM Review of Kenya

In December 2007, EAC and EC entered into an interim Economic Partnership Agreement to govern trade between the two parties before a final agreement is reached. One of the major areas to be negotiated is the rules of origin (RoO) that are expected to apply to trade between EAC/EC and third parties. Read more..   The main purpose of the second APRM Review for Kenya is to assess progress made in governance and socio-economic development since the base review of 2006 and to prepare a progress report on the APRM Process in Kenya. Read more..  
Government of Kenya
World Bank
East Africa Community
Department for International Development
United States Agency for International Development
Economic Commission for Africa
United Nations Development Program
East African Breweries Ltd
British American Tobacco (Kenya)
Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS)
Unversity of Nairobi


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