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Private Enterprise Development
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It is generally accepted that the private sector is a key promoter of economic growth and development. It is also agreed that the sector generates employment, raises incomes, produces and makes available goods and services. Micro, small and medium sized enterprises are widely recognized for their contribution to innovation, entrepreneurship and diffusion of technology. ACEG�s Research Agenda under this theme comprises the following topics:

i. Legal and regulatory constraints inhibiting private sector growth (licensing, taxation, contract enforcement and related transaction costs among others)

ii. Mechanisms for promoting growth and development of different categories of entrepreneurs

iii. Fiscal infrastructure and its role in growth and development of private enterprise

iv. Role of financial sector in private enterprise development

v. Effects of training, counselling, mentoring, consultancy and subcontracting in private sector development

vi. Role of markets and marketing

vii. Gender issues in private enterprise development

viii. Environmental issues in private enterprise development

ix. Foreign direct investment and its role in private enterprise development

x. Export diversification and value addition

xi. Access to affordable financial services

xii. Enforcement of property rights

xiii. Corruption and other costs of doing business
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EAC Study on the Rules of Origin [2012]

The East African Community (EAC) is currently negotiating an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Commission (EC) that replaces the Cotonou Agreement. In December 2007, EAC and EC entered into an interim Economic Partnership Agreement to govern trade between the two parties before a final agreement is reached. One of the major areas to be negotiated is the rules of origin (RoO) that are expected to apply to trade between EAC/EC and third parties. The purpose of the study was to propose simple (RoO) that would form the basis for the EPA negotiations between EAC and the EC. Read more..

Undertaken by: ACEG
Countries: EAC Countries
Project Director: Dr Nehemiah N’geno


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